About Cooktastic Kids

At Cooktastic Kids you and your child can learn how to cook new, exciting and healthy recipes in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment. The best thing is that you get to take a tasty dish home for dinner but can leave the mess for someone else to clear up.

I’m Clare McKenna, the founder of Cooktastic Kids! As a teacher and mum of two young children (one of whom is a very fussy eater) I’m passionate about finding ways to encourage children to taste new foods and give them the confidence to overcome their fears. I think it’s important to make food fun and to bring an element of ‘play’ and ‘individual creativity’ into children’s cooking. In the classes we try to use recipes that will immediately engage children (like funny face pizzas and wicked witch jackets) and allow them to decide how their dish will end up looking.

I believe it is important for children to learn to cook by watching others. However,  it’s also important that they can try things out for themselves and know it’s ok to make mistakes and make a mess. Therefore the children will be allowed to do as much of the cooking as they feel able to do using their own equipment and as the course progresses their confidence will grow. However, parents will be there to help out as much or as little as is needed.

Throughout the course we will learn about healthy eating, where food comes from and good hygiene. Children are encouraged to wash their hands at the beginning and end of each lesson, put on their own apron, use their own cooking equipment and even help to clear up. This will teach them independence and responsibility.

Why is Cooktastic Kids different?

I hope that Cooktastic Kids will be more like a ‘club’ where you and your children can come and feel at home and make new friends. At Cooktastic Kids children cook a yummy meal from scratch, take part in a food tasting and do an amazing arts and crafts activity.

I’m fully insured, CRB Checked and have my Food Safety Hygiene and Certificate (Level 1).

What parents say

  • My two girls had a great time making a pizza – kneeding the dough, spreading the sauce and selecting the toppings. While the pizza was in the oven they listened to a story and then once the pizza was done they got to have a taste. They definitely enjoyed eating something which they had made.

  • When Clare first told me about her idea for Cooktastic Kids, two things struck me. First was what a fantastic idea it was, getting kids involved in preparing their meals and engendering a sense of ownership and understanding of their food. Secondly, I know that Clare is perfectly placed to run these classes. Being a busy mum of two, she’s experienced the challenges that come with tricky little eaters and understands how important it is for parents to feel their kids are getting all their essential vitamins and nutrients, and that they’re also enjoying their food. Clare turns fussy eating into discovery through play and her sense of fun and mischief make the sessions an absolute joy.

    Knotty Green
  • Cooktastic Kids provides fun cookery classes to children in a friendly and relaxed environment. Clare’s teaching experience allows her to keep the children fully engaged and adapt the lessons to meet the children’s and parents’ need. I’m very excited for Clare and look forward to bringing my children to her classes soon.

  • Sebastian loved his Cooktastic Kids class. The bonkers burgers and wonky wedges were a great success and they ate them without a fuss! The whole experience was fantastic and he’s still talking about it! Thank you Clare!

  • Henry had a fab time with you making homemade fish fingers, especially smearing red pesto all over the fish to make the breadcrumbs stick – genius idea! And now I’ve learnt that there is an alternative to Captain Birdseye. If anyone is thinking of signing their little ones up, DO IT! I’ve never seen 3 year olds so focussed. And Clare is simply brilliant – she explains everything really well and makes it so fun.


Our classes & booking



At teacher’s house

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60 mins

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Max of 8 children per class*


£10 per class per child**

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Tel:  07970 032635 Head Office: Penn, Buckinghamshire